Similarl lightning arresters have been observed in the temples

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We could customize ground rod according to the customers drawings or samples.
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Similarly, lightning arresters have been observed in the temples built in ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka that date back to thousands of years. Early Streamer Emission or ESE Lightning Arrester is one of the prime categories of lightning arresters. The main objective of the Earthing electrode is to link to the general mass of the earth. This device is also well known as the surge arrester having a high voltage terminal along with a ground terminal. Back-fill Compounds are another source of Earthing using an amalgamation of natural earth minerals that consist of a hydroscopic quality to retain the moisture for a reasonably long time. The Moghul Emperor, Shah Jehan would have anticipated this kind of natural calamity that prompted him to take preventive action against lightning strokes. Earth rods are metal shafts utilized for grounding. Array of Arresters There are a large number of lightning Lightning Rod arresters such as ESE Lightning Arrester, Gel Earthing, Earthing Electrodes and Earth Rods.

A Historical View Lightning Arresters go back in time to the ancient days when massive structures built by the royal kings and emperors were prone to bolts of lightning. Ever since the 1970 Coupling, Metal Oxide Varistors or MOVs have been used for power systems. A Lightning Arrester is a safety device used on electrical power systems to provide protection to # the insulation system in order to withstand the damaging effect of lightning strokes. Safety - A Primary Concern One can easily visualize the extent of havoc and damage caused to property and lives with a stroke of lightning measuring millions of volts passing down from the sky to the earth.

Gel Earthing is a chemical based lightning arrester that using metal alloys and chemical compositions to counteract the lightning strike. It was a natural catastrophe which was envisioned by them. These rods are used providing earth facility for high rise buildings. Earthing Electrodes are based on the principle considering the general mass of earth as a reference zero potential; therefore, everything linked directly to it would at this zero potential or above by the amount of the volt drop in the connection No sooner a bolt of lightning strikes a building, the surge passes down the power system to the arrester which is diverted around the protective insulation down to the earth.alfredkim.

For more information on Earthing Electrodes or Back Fill Compound visit on http://www. If you have visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, one can observe a strip of copper running down from the top of the main dome on the outside the monument and passing right through into the earth, which is a lightning arrester. It is always prudent to be wise in investing in an effective Earthing system, rather than feel sorry later since the damage from lightning strokes could be irreparable. This assists in maintaining a balance and consistency of the ohm value within safety norms without any fluctuations thereby safeguarding the equipment

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